Release: Margaret Dygas – Even 11

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Release: Margaret Dygas – Even 11

Even 11 is Margaret Dygas’ third release on Perlon.

Side A – “Even 11” – kicks things off with a broken beat, united with a smooth set of sampled vocals that linger in the distance before fading away, replaced with a faint child’s yelp. This on-going trippy dialog comes and goes at different points for the duration of the cut. As the track continues, the intensity rises – progressively but considerably – as Dygas adds subtle layers of drums, transforming it from an experimental, abstract cut to something that would fit comfortably within the four walls of Panorama Bar. It would seem that her residency at the renowned Berlin institution certainly informs her work in the studio. The swirling concoction of drums and various other discreet sounds results in a brief but utterly absorbing point towards the end of the track, creating a moment of dazzling intensity laced with sporadic and unpredictable subtleties. The end of the intelligent though unquestionably practical production is marked by a deep and surging bassline, a much-needed addition to break the spell ignited by the track’s earlier progression.

“Wishing Well” is significantly warmer than the A-side. While hypnotic, the sound is solid and inviting – at times even soothing. The track begins with a deep and purposeful set of pulsating chords with dubby tones that loop for its entire duration. Laced over the top are various subtle sounds, beginning with a faint siren and a lonely piano key, while intermittent drum sequences play out in the forefront. As the drums fade away, the siren becomes increasingly emphatic, before once again disappearing into the background, only to return again some time later. Moments of calm are replaced by brief moments of frenzy, a progression supported by the addition of further sporadic drum and key sequences, a symbol, and thick reverb-wrapped percussion. The swirling siren – significantly sharper this time – becomes increasingly boisterous towards the end of the cut. Once again, this ongoing ever-intensifying exchange is brought to an end as each of the individual sounds becomes gradually more infrequent, leaving only the fading chords that signified the track’s origins.

Even 11 is nothing you wouldn’t expect from Dygas. It’s extremely well produced and fits comfortably within the sound aesthetic that she is steadily making her own. This release is likely to find its way into the collections of those fans of both her experimental and dancefloor-focused material.

  • Artist: Margaret Dygas
  • Title: Even 11
  • Label: Perlon
  • Release date: 09.05.2016
  • Tracklist:
  • A1 Even 11
  • B1 Wishing Well