Release: Ellen Allien – Nost

 In Ellen Allien
Release: Ellen Allien – Nost

Ellen Allien proudly presents her 7th solo LP – ‘Nost’.

‘Nost’, which comes from nostalgia, is the quintessential sound of Berlin, it has a sensibility which can only be found in the depths of the city’s darkest underground clubs; brooding, sinister at times and utterly lascivious. ‘Nost’ is the work of an artist who has deep knowing; knowing of one’s self, knowing of where she’s coming from and knowing of where she’s going. Step into Ellen’s lair as she demonstrates her dexterity as a true techno alchemist; flecks of acid splutter out amongst writhing analogue basslines, ominous, industrial atmospherics darken the mood while crisp repetitive rhythms propel you into a trance-like state. Ellen’s work is spellbinding, it’s a call on techno’s ancestors to come forth and guide us to our dystopian future. Nost is a homage to the feeling nostalgia, that Ellen knows just too good, and that happens quite oftern to her, when she plays her DJ sets. This incredible, warm feeling, when she drops one of the old classic records, that she loves, and the people start smiling.

With ‘Nost’ Ellen Allien delivers a long-player which is coherent, contemporary and a joy to listen to. Whether you’re in a sweat-covered club or simply chilling at home, this will provide the perfect soundtrack. It is the work of a woman who has found herself, yet still pushes herself to go beyond her comfort zone, still creating, still learning and still yearning for more.

This is Ellen Allien, this is Berlin and this is ‘Nost’.

  • Artist: Ellen Allien
  • Title: Nost
  • Label: BPitch Control
  • Catalogue nr.: BPC330
  • Format: 12″ / CD / digital
  • Release date: 12.05.2017