Release: Dana Ruh & tINI In The Mix

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Release: Dana Ruh & tINI In The Mix

Ibiza is known for that very special and unique vibe. This atmosphere full of deep emotions mixed with wild energy, salty air and hot summer nights. This is what we want to give to you and what we tried to present right from the start of our great ibiza adventure more than 15 years ago! All led by the big mastermind mister Sven Väth who started back then on the white island with his vision and made it come true more and more year by year. Looking back at 15 editions of his mix-cd-series The Sound Of The Season we have to state that these mixes are acoustic documents for contemporary witnesses, the recored soundtracks of our lives on the island for all these great and unforgettable summer seasons! However Sven also called the right artists and friends to his side to help him with that project. People who understood what he had and still has in mind and what kind of creative input is needed for all this. Artists who identify themselves with the concept of love and music love for the music and of course music full of love all combined and merged with a large portion of hedonism and artistic energy to create the perfect setting to celebrate all those countless memorable sunrises. For this season we asked again two artists of our line-up to do us a favor and create a mix that should reflect this special ibiza feeling. A mix that puts us in the right mood for what will come over the next couple of months. This year we are proud to present two mixes by Dana Ruh and tINI who hit the nailon the head with their selections! Their mixes turned out to be super deep and almost soulful and feature artists like Persuader, Nina Soul, Third Wave Trax and Aruba (tINI-Mix) or Osunlade, DJPierre, Agnes and Move D (Dana Ruh Mix) just to name a few. Two amazing mixes that create this special emotional and unique atmosphere we want to spread with cocoon ibiza. This is the sound for our sundowns (and sunrises), for all those hot evenings and the perfect soundtrack for the beach on the day after. Two musical postcards you can only send from Ibiza. Turn the music on, forget the grey sky of the big cities around the world and beam yourself into the vibe of the magic island ice cold San Miguel and the view of the ocean, Ibiza, we cant wait to arrive!

  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Title: Cocoon Ibiza
  • Remixed by: Dana Ruh & tINI
  • Label: Cocoon Recordings
  • Catalogue nr.: CORMIX050
  • Release date: 27.07.2015