RA Podcast: Sonja Moonear

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RA Podcast: Sonja Moonear

Sonja Moonear is representative of many DJs at the top level of the so-called minimal scene. She’s relaxed about publicity, slick behind the decks and, perhaps most importantly, has a keen eye for the dance floor. And just like most of the others, Moonear doesn’t release much music, which means she’s made her way to the top by simply playing great DJ sets. Moonear cut her teeth as a DJ in Geneva around the turn of the century as a resident at the city’s key club, Weetamix. Perlon chief Zip was a regular guest at the venue and, as Moonear told the fabric blog in 2013, he invited her to play in Berlin after she warmed up for him a few times. “I will never forget this moment,” she said. Moonear now ranks among dance music’s most in-demand selectors, with a versatile and rhythmic style that takes in a broad cross-section of house, techno and minimal.

The RA podcast is a colourful snapshot of Moonear’s sound. Rhythmic and nicely strange, she mixes up driving minimal and vibrant house—the sound of a maestro at work.

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