Podcast: Dorian Paic

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Podcast: Dorian Paic

RA Exchange: EX.310 Dorian Paic

In his most recent interview, Ricardo Villalobos said that he exchanges music with just a handful of people. Dorian Paic is one of them. A respected DJ and much-loved behind the scenes figure, Paic has done it all. He’s best known for his longstanding association with Frankfurt institutions such as Cocoon, Robert Johnson and the now-closed Freebase Records, where he worked for close to a decade. He also runs Raum…musik, a label that’s put out around 100 house records from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Christian Burkhardt and Sascha Dive since launching in 1998.

Paic now resides in Berlin, but his connection to Frankfurt remains strong. He travels there regularly for gigs and to link up with old music buddies—particularly Markus Fix, a fellow Frankfurt-area mainstay with whom Paic has produced severalEPs. Paic is also a familiar face in Ibiza, touching down at Amnesia for several dates each year.

Deep into a busy summer DJ schedule, we invited an affable Paic to our Berlin office for a chat with Matt Unicomb. In a free-flowing interview, Paic recounted his formative experiences at the legendary Dorian Gray, looked back on Frankfurt’s rich house and techno history history, and offered up a veteran’s take on today’s dance music climate.