Release: DJ T-1000 aka Alan Oldham – Ratchet Traxx EP

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The legendary Detroit icon Alan Oldham, aka DJ T-1000, makes his first guest appearance on BPC with his brand new EP Ratchet Traxx. With four highly explosive tracks, Oldham serves up his quintessential “Bangin’ Funky Ass Techno”: a straight-up 909 beat, undeviating basslines and vocal samples that constantly and relentlessly burrow into your senses. Time and again the master of his trade springs a surprise with quirky breaks and sublime details. In short, Ratchet Traxx has what it takes to become a classic and perfectly sums up everything we have come to expect from “Detroit Techno’s Renaissance Man”. Don’t play this at home, kids…

  • Artist: DJ T-1000 aka Alan Oldham
  • Title: Ratchet Traxx
  • Label: BPitch Control
  • Catalogue nr.: BPC331
  • Format: 12″
  • Release date: 07.04.2017
  • Tracklist:
  • A1 Booty Shaking Ghetto Gagging
  • A2 She Loves Big Black Cock
  • B1 We Need Our Weave
  • B2 Black Guys Really Love My Big Fat White Ass

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