Podcast: Traffic Records

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Traffic Records showreel 2017 by Martyné and Bodin&Jacob for Soundwall’s exclusive SNTLS podcast series!

Launched in 2013, Traffic is a Frankfurt based label and artist collective. It represents a bunch of new artists born and raised in and around Frankfurt. The label is the result of a long journey based on friendship and development. All impressions of the last few years are combined in one word: Traffic. Main representatives are Martyné and Bodin&Jacob. They did this mix including exclusive unreleased tracks only. All of them will be out in 2017 on their own imprint as well as on several other renowned labels. Their production-style is reflected in different genres–from electro, techno and breakbeat to house music. Even this is reflected by their well digged and sorted record collection. Since 2015 Martyné and Bodin&Jacob are official residents of Robert Johnson, their source of inspiration. Stay tuned and watch out for their inspiring releases!

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