Podcast: Maurizio Schmitz

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Ambient music for galleries – a soundtrack for soundless rooms and other spaces. – “Ambient music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting.” (Brian Eno)

Did you realise that in galleries or museums usually there is no music played? Those spaces remain quiet because experiencing the art should not be disturbed by any music, so that the senses can be focussed on the visual object only. I would love to fill this gap with this mix, but of course it is not only meant to be used at an exhibition, it’s a soundtrack for sofa-surfing, space-travel, relaxation, meditation and conversation. Since the very beginning of my DJ-career I am collecting ambient music in first line for my DJ-sets. Especially when playing the opening-set at any event you will always hear me playing a selection of ambient or dub, its like a shamanic ritual for me: blessing the venue with the frequencies and catching people’s mind with warming psychedelic sounds before we all meet on the dance floor. Enjoy this 4 hour trip which contains masterpieces from over 20 years of collecting music.


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