Release: Maxime Iko – Concilium EP

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Paris club kid MAXIME IKO joins BPitch with this four-track trip into the depths of his mind. Infused with acid licks and electro motifs, this is a scintillating debut from an artist who represents diversity and inclusiveness – two cornerstones of club culture. Maxime’s influences range from the gothic, dark and lurid through to the often flamboyant gay culture, launching his own highly-regarded gay event at Rex Club called ‘Cockorico’ and, later, putting on ‘Le Bal Con’ at Badaboum – a party that celebrated the wild, creative side of nightlife with art performances and lots of crazing dancing.
Maxime’s ‘Concilium’ EP starts with the frenetic ‘Achartade’, a track which pulsates with eerie vibes, closing with the multi-tempo closer ‘Concilium’ – a demonstration of Maxime’s penchant for playfulness and experimentation. In between those two killer cuts we have ‘Repulsion’, where the main riff has a jaunty, arpeggiated rhythm, ‘Timeline’s Wrong’, a heads down acid roller with vocal stabs and a totally absorbing atmosphere and finally, ‘Closure’ a spine-tingling emotionally-charged adventure. One that will lift the roof off anywhere it’s played.
An accomplished collection from a man who values the roots of electronic music culture and brings his own unique vibe with each performance and new release… allez!

  • Artist: Maxime Iko
  • Title: Concilium
  • Label: BPitch
  • Catalogue nr.: BPC335
  • Format: 12″
  • Release date: 06.04.2018
  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Achartade
  • 2. Répulsion
  • 3. Timeline’s Wrong
  • 4. Closure
  • 5. Concilium (digital only)

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