23sep - 24sep 2323:30sep 24Margaret Dygas at Uncode, Bologna

30sep23:30- 23:30Andrè Galluzzi at This is Not, Varese

30sep23:30- 23:30Bella Sarris at Altavoz, Mestre


1oct23:30- 23:30Margaret Dygas at Panorama Bar, Berlin

6oct - 7oct 623:30oct 7Dana Ruh at Oversize, Genova

6oct23:30- 23:30Margaret Dygas at Subdivision, Sao Paulo

7oct23:30- 23:30Ricardo Villalobos, Dana Ruh, Digby at Link, Bologna

7oct23:30- 23:30Margaret Dygas at Tribaltech Festival, Curitiba

7oct23:30- 23:30Ellen Allien at Serendipity, Foligno

14oct23:30- 23:30Margaret Dygas at Closer, Kiev

14oct23:30- 23:30Aera Negrot at This Is Not, Varese

21oct23:30- 23:30Traffic Showcase: Martyné, Bodin&Jacob at Goa, Rome

21oct23:30- 23:30Janina at RST, Genova

21oct23:30- 23:30Margaret Dygas at Breakfast Club, Amsterdam

21oct23:30- 23:30Julian Perez at Romy S, Stuttgart

21oct23:30- 23:30Romano Alfieri at Straf Werk, Amsterdam

21oct23:30- 23:30Miss Kittin at Duel, Naples

21oct23:30- 23:30Margaret Dygas at Fabric, London

28oct23:30- 23:30Margaret Dygas at MODU:LAR, Liverpool

31oct23:30- 23:30Sven Väth, RPR, Sonja Moonear, Janina at Movement, Turin

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