Extravaganza Records

Romano Alfieri made his first steps in the 2000’s, when the electronic scene was already well established in his native region, Tuscany. With Insomnia’s party in Pisa, Romano created his first synergies with international guests who played there, producing ‘Moved to Love’ on Break New Soil, Gregor Tresher’s imprint,  ‘Leave the Valley’ in 2011 and the compilation ‘Sea the Love Festival’ by Karotte. In 2013, Tenax Recording chose Romano Alfieri ‘I follow you’ EP and his remix by Todd Terry was included by Matthias Kaden’s Watergate club compilation, following the EP on NOON Recordings which was the beginning of a deep collaboration and friendship with Reboot . Intuition, talent and diligence led him to play in the most prestigious Italian and international clubs, such as Time Warp (the Italian edition), Movement (Torino), Park Like (Manchester), roBOt (Bologna), Sonar Off, Miami Music Week And Space Ibiza as just to mention few. Over the last years Romano played as a guest in Ibiza in parties such like Unusual Suspects (Sankeys) and Pop You Up (Blue Marlin), steading him as resident dj and artistic director of Coho Apartment (Rome) since 2016. Romano Alfieri is a constantly mutating artist, let’s take an eye on his upcoming projects.

Romano Alfieri – Break On EP – Extravaganza – MP3
Romano Alfieri – A Trap Door In Beijing – Dirty Sessions – 12″
Romano Alfieri – Pinetree Drive Ep – D-Floor – 12″
Romano Alfieri & Ali Borem – Wax Trax – Saved Records – 12″
Romano Alfieri – The Under Breaker – Moan Recordings – 12″
Romano Alfieri – Loving Once Again EP – Noon Records – 12″
Romano Alfieri – Loving Once Again – Noon Records – 12″
Romano Alfieri – The Beauty Of Wood – Kaluki Musik – 12”
Romano Alfieri – Grace Valley – Room 9 Recordings – 12”
Romano Alfieri – Sweet Harmony EP – Strictly Chosen – 12″
Romano Alfieri – Magnolia Again EP – Hell Yeah Recordings – 12″
Marco Effe, Luca Bear & Romano Alfieri – We Are Family – BCBtec – 12″


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