Born in Berlin and raised in Mannheim. Having his roots in 90s Hip Hop, he found the way to electronic music. Since 2010 he appeared successfully in several projects but a few years later he decided to dedicate himself completely to the underground music. Since late 2014, Fabe is an official resident at Mannheims Parker Lewis club. In 2015 he released the Sketch EP on the label “Valioso” and gained a respectable reputation.
Fabe continuously evolves himself, based on a mix that combines his talent and ambitious work. In 2016 he started his own label “Salty Nuts”. His swinging sound includes complex beat structures paired with a classic house drive and techno grooves. His sound even attracts labels like Einzelkind´s “La Peña” or London’s “Fuse”. After several club experiences around the world, today he is a well seen DJ at Berlins “Club der Visionäre” and at the “Fuse London” parties. In 2017 he joined the Cocoon Booking agency.

Fabe – Water Tower – Salty Nuts – LP
Fabe – Sketch EP II – Valioso – 12″
Fabe – The Last Shot Of Bob – Cocoon Recordings – 10″
Fabe – Life Is Audio – La Peña Records – 12″
Fabe – Ando EP – Sukhumvit Records – 12″
Fabe – There Is No Last EP – Salty Nuts – 12″
Fabe – Away From Yours – Salty Nuts – 12″
Fabe – Back Run EP – Salty Nuts – 12″
Fabe – Square Town EP – Infuse – 12″
Fabe – Sketch EP – Valioso – 12″
Bodin & Jacob, Fabe, Sedee, Tolga Top – State001 – Understate:ment Records – 12″


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