Simona Calvani, was born in Rome, where she grew up in close contact with the local fashion and music scene. She studied at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome, which helped her to flourish as an accomplished stylist. As a result of her academic experience, she soon managed to create her own brand of bags and fashion accessories, distributed across prestigious retail outlets in Italy and abroad. Despite her initial success in the world of fashion, Simona’s passion for music eventually prevailed and led her to other paths… During the 90’s in Rome, when the first techno raves started to appear alongside the first waves of electronic music, IDM and the scene that belonged to that movement… Warp, Autechre, Black Dog, LFO, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Bola and Gescom were the main influences in Simona’s early experiences with electronic music. Soon she began to play with friends in private parties in the Italian capital.

Her encounter in ‘97 with Giancarlino, owner of the Goa Club in Rome, radically changed her music career. She started a number of successful initiatives linked to the more intelligent side of electronic music such as the Modula showcase. The Goa Club eventually became Red’s second home, in ’98 she became a resident which allowed her to play alongside the most prominent names of the techno and electronic music scene. This would eventually prove to be important for her musical progress, giving her the chance to experiment her sound and to elaborate a distinct personal, sensual and eclectic style, while maintaining an innovative electronic sound as a common denominator. Her DJ sets can be described as a “voyage which involves the body and the soul”, her music reflects her personality: magnetic and dark.

During her performances, she manages to capture the audience by providing each time a different introspective into her style. This is achieved by using tracks characterised by deep basslines and hypnotic, granular synth sounds heavily influenced by her progressive rock and acid house background. “The music has to excite me otherwise I would not be able to play it, “she once said during an interview. Red has recently moved from London to Berlin and is the latest addition to the BPitch Control roster.

DJ Red – Raw Cacao EP – Wolfskuil Records – 12″
DJ Red – Underwater EP – Electric Deluxe – 12″
DJ Red – Duality – Electric Deluxe – 12”
DJ Red – Eyes Are Blind – BPitch Control – 12”


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