ANGLE is an audio-visual project, formed by Piero Fragola and Thomas Pizzinga in late 2013. The audio and the visual aspect are equally important in their live performance. The tracks are heavenly influenced by techno music and are synchronised visually by video mapping on a special structure. As part of their collaboration with Tiptop Audio from California, they have incorporated modular synthesizers that allow them to explore sound and song writing at the roots of the creative process, while their previous works in the field of digital visual arts became the needful humus for the genesis of the project.

ANGLE’s first experience, named TETRA 01, used 3D mapping on a self-supporting, isostatic, modular structure that was made of triangles with junctions at their vertices. The second version of their live set, TETRA 02, used light from RGB LED strips, controlled by Arduino in order to make the lights interact with the video.

Piero Fragola, member of former constellation We Love (BPitch Control), is a teacher at LABA (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti) and IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in Florence, and is also the official designer for Tiptop Audio musical instruments (Silicon Valley, California, USA) and art director of Tiptop Audio Records. Thomas Pizzinga, graduated at LABA in Florence, and is a video maker and founder of Elephant Studio. The two artists share their passion for electronic music and live performance.

Angle – Hold Your Breath EP – Tiptop Audio Records
Angle – Spider Angle Version – Select Case
Angle – FM original – Tiptop Audio Records


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