Aérea Negrot, born in Venezuela, is a complex and colourful artistic soul who has found her distinctive voice in the expression of music. The word aerea itself is an adjective relating to sky and air. The name came naturally to aérea, as she spent much of her youth in the sky, travelling by plane.

The act of singing for Aérea evolved out of a survival mechanism while in the streets of Amsterdam; a result of being put out, paradoxically, by a flight attendant lover. Aérea comes from a lineage of performers, as her parents and grandparents are dancers. Ballet and opera have always been her passion and their influence resonates in her work. The first experiment was “La familia feliz” a band conformed by Milton Fermat, DJ Fata and Aérea Negrot in 2002. With the electropop track “la disco”, produced in Venezuela, “La familia feliz” achieved international acclaim. At that time Aérea was based in Holland, performing her electropera concept in several venues.

Searching for love, Aérea moved to London. Instead of a boyfriend, she received a sponsorship to pursue vocal training and music production studies at the London center of contemporary music. Through this opportunity, Aérea found inspiration to produce “Arabxilla”, her first solo song. Aérea’s nomadic roots have brought her to Berlin. In the production of now electronic music Aérea continues her search to find self. As she persists to work in a world of restrictions, her work becomes more transgressive and provocative with each endeavor, glittered with the anger of melancholy, yet bursting with colour. Since 2008, Aérea Negrot has made vocal collaborations with the band “Hercules and Love Affair”, which CD has been released in 2010. In 2011 her debut solo album “Arabxilla” has been released on BPitch Control.

Billie Ray Martin & Aérea Negrot – Off The Rails – Disco Activisto – MP3
Aérea Negrot – Macuto – BPitch Control – 12”
Aérea Negrot – Right Body, Wrong Time – BPitch Control – 12”
Aérea Negrot – It’s Lover, Love Remixes – BPitch Control – 12”
Aérea Negrot – Arabxilla – BPitch Control – LP


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